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Aircraft Charter

Prior Aviation is Western New York's largest Aircraft Charter, where every flight is a luxurious experience. It's one spacious plane. It's just you and your guests. Say the word and we'll chauffeur you directly to your destination in the United States or Canada, handle every arrangement, and do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in your travels.

Why are business aircraft sometimes a better alternative?

  • Save employee time.
  • Maximize personal safety and peace of mind.
  • Increase productivity en route.
  • Minimize non-business hours away from home.
  • Ensure industrial security.
  • Exercise management control over efficient, reliable scheduling.
  • Project a positive corporate image.
  • Attract and retain key people (customers included).
  • Reduce post-trip fatigue and increase post-trip productivity.

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Learjet 60XR

  • Midsize Aircraft featuring a stand-up cabin 
  • Enclosed Lavatory with sink
  • 2000-2400 nm range, depending on passenger load
  • Full galley including two hot liquids, microwave, cold drinks, minibar & wine chiller          
  • Airshow & Sony Cabin Entertainment systems including a 10 disc CD player and dual DVD players
  • 4-place club seating with a 3-place divan couch
  • Internal and external baggage compartments

Learjet 31-A

  • Whisper-quiet cabin has been restyled to make travel easier
  • More headroom thanks to a re-contoured headliner
  • Cruises at 528 mph with a range of 1200 miles
  • Equipped with an optional exterior baggage locker, long enough for skis and golf clubs
  • The locker adds 12 cubic feet of baggage capacity
  • Accommodates 8 passengers and a crew of two
  • Mid-cabin service center
  • Leather seating


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